ENFP ♥ She/They ♥ Taken

Hi, I'm Brooke! I'm a demigirl (partially identifies as female, but not entirely), and I'm a very social person, but one-on-one conversations online scare me for some reason. I love memes, Vocaloid, anime, reality TV, Youtube and my boyfriend ♥♥♥

♥ My Besfrens ♥

Rigby -- THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER ♥♥♥♥ Where do I even start? He's perfect in literally every single way. He's kind, caring, funny, adorable and just perfect overall. Ilysm babe ♥♥
Rachel -- The best sister I could EVER ask for ♥ ilysm
Josh -- Amazing fricking dork who's always there for me ♥
Citrus -- Another amazing fricking dork who's always there for me ♥ also a dumb weeb
Ky -- Weird scene kid who probably isn't human but is an amazing and super nice person ♥
Lilypad -- How do I even describe Lilypad? They're just Lilypad. And also extremely funny and chill. Love u man ♥
Sapphire -- Literal angel who must be protected at all costs. ♥